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ACEIA in Sevilla

The first ELT conference I ever attended was ACEIA 2016. A group of us from the academy in Cáceres where I had just started working travelled down to make a weekend of it. I remember being amazed to be surrounded by so many people so passionate about teaching English that they would give up aContinue reading “ACEIA in Sevilla”

Change (n., vb.)

Sometimes it’s a noun and sometimes it’s a verb, the word ‘change’ is itself changeable. Wonderfully you can read about how the meaning of ‘change’ has changed over time (see etymonline) from its origins in Proto-Indo European that suggest a root meaning ‘to bend’. In Welsh, the noun meaning ‘change’ is newid and the adjectiveContinue reading “Change (n., vb.)”

A New Academic Year Begins

It’s 31st August. I woke and read with my morning coffee which is always my routine. I had a lazy breakfast while regarding my new running shoes nestled inside the shoe. But I put off their maiden run until tomorrow – today is the last day of the summer holidays, after all. I’m now sittingContinue reading “A New Academic Year Begins”

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