Publications and Conference Presentations

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Recent Publications

‘Teachers Talking about Teacher Talk’
Co-authored with Victor Hugo Medina Soares in CALR Linguistic Journal 13
December 2022

Gender, Sexuality and ELT Course Books: Where Are We Now?
Chapter in Gender Diversity and Sexuality in English Language Education: New Transnational Voices edited by Darío Luis Banegas and Naval Govender
Bloomsbury, September 2022

‘Review of Key Terms for Language Teachers (Benati, 2022)’
BAAL News 121
Summer 2022

Listening: The Power of Prediction
English Teachers Association Switzerland (ETAS) Journal
Winter 2021/2

The Words We Choose, The Words We Use
Blog entry for Diverse Educators
December 2021

Diversity in ELT Materials: teacher perspectives
Teacher Development Academic Journal, Vol. 2, No.1
October 2021

Diversity in ELT Materials: teacher perspectives
IATEFL Voices, 279
March/April 2021

Mini Projects Online
ELT Ireland Bulletin, 7

‘Planning Writing for Exam Tasks’
English Teachers Association Switzerland (ETAS) Journal
Winter 2020/1

Diversifying representation while working with textbooks
Blog entry for Diverse Educators
2nd November 2020

‘Independence, creativity and motivation: Some reflections on teaching online’
Independence 79
July/August 2020

‘Review of Language, Gender and Sexuality (Kiesling, 2019)’
BAAL News 117
Summer 2020

‘Gender and sexuality in English language teaching (ELT) coursebooks: What teachers think’
Research report for ELT Research 35 (IATEFL ReSIG)
February 2020

Recent Conference Presentations

‘Strong Starts and Fantastic Finishes’
Conference presentation at ACEIA Congreso 2022 (Sevilla)
5th November 2022

‘Strong Starts and Fantastic Finishes’
Conference presentation at FECEI Congreso 2022 (Santander)
14th May 2022

‘Empowering Students though Lexical Choice
Conference presentation at BAAL, LKALE 2022 (online)
30th April 2022

‘Taking Action – A Lexical Approach
Conference presentation at Taking Action, University of Dortmund (online)
19th February 2022

‘Pedagogy with and not for: Steps towards Freire’s Vision
Conference presentation at the IATEFL TDSIG/Braz-TESOL Webcarnival (online)
12th February 2022

Embedding Positive Inclusivity: Who and how
Panel talk at Pride in Education 2021 (online)
13th June 2021

‘Diversifying your Syllabus: Being more inclusive’
Conference presentation at TESOL Greece (online)
6th March 2021

‘Diversity in ELT Materials: Teacher Perspectives’
Forum talk at the IATEFL TDSIG/GISIG Webcarnival (online)
5th December 2020

Diversity in Textbooks’
Panel Talk for Diverse Educators (online)
17th October 2020

‘Mini Projects Online’
Talk at ELT Ireland Summer Event (Online)
22nd June 2020

‘Writing and re(Writing)’
Workshop for British Council, Madrid
30th October 2019

‘A Case Study of the Representations of Gender and Sexuality in a Sample of Course Books
Conference talk at Languaging Diversity 2019, University of Zaragoza
27th September 2019

‘Reading to Writing via Literature’
British Council Teaching for Success Conference, Bilbao
21st September 2019

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