Who Have I Taught and What Have I Learned?

I drew inspiration for this from a post Rachel Tsateri published last week. Writing this has been an interesting reflection on my career so far, where it has led me and what it has made me realise. When I started teaching in Birmingham (England), I was working in a school where 28% of the pupilsContinue reading “Who Have I Taught and What Have I Learned?”


In this post, I’m going to dive into etymology and a little bit of comparative linguistics, but I assure you that it will be interesting! Then, I’m going to consider what this etymological safari can tell us about being affirmed. Etymonline tells us that the roots of our modern English word affirmationn are in Latin.Continue reading “Affirmation”

Why teach?

‘Don’t be a teacher’. The advice of my A-level English teacher couldn’t have been clearer. ‘It’s the only profession’, he counselled, ‘where everyone knows how to do it better than you do’. This post could be a charge sheet of examples of people with no pedagogical training, and not a second of classroom experience, proving thatContinue reading “Why teach?”