Empowering our Students Through Lexical Choice

This is an adapted version of the talk I gave at TEOSL Spain 2023. Be aware that I make reference to and give examples of vulgar language. I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about one particular group that I teach. It’s a Cambridge Advanced exam prep group of eight teenagers varying in age from thirdContinue reading “Empowering our Students Through Lexical Choice”

Conference Review: TESOL Spain 2023

It had been three years since we last all met in Salamanca. We were hosted then by the beautiful university and spent the weekend learning from one another, socialising and discussing the big ideas of the moment. We were in a state of something like pre-lapsarian bliss: blissfully innocent of what was about to happenContinue reading “Conference Review: TESOL Spain 2023”

Conference Review: FECEI 2023

After a beautiful journey along winding roads, with snow on the ground and the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the fir trees, we arrived in Segovia around 6pm on Friday evening. Just enough time to relax before getting ready to attend the FECEI Premios Top IX Edición. The Premios, and Gala that follows, are aContinue reading “Conference Review: FECEI 2023”

Opportunity (n.)

‘Opportunity’ comes into English from Latin via Old French, meaning a fit, convenient or seasonable time; the Latin opportunus itself derives from the phrase ob portum veniens or ‘coming towards a port’ (etymonline). To have an opportunity, therefore, was to be travelling with a favourable wind towards a place where you could make landfall. InContinue reading “Opportunity (n.)”

Business Management

Last autumn, I embarked on my third course with International House OTTI. I’ve written previously about my experiences with their Observation and Giving Feedback and Performance Management courses. Here I’m going to reflect on my learning while taking their Business Management course. With this module, I was really stepping out of my comfort zone. AlthoughContinue reading “Business Management”

Change (n., vb.)

Sometimes it’s a noun and sometimes it’s a verb, the word ‘change’ is itself changeable. Wonderfully you can read about how the meaning of ‘change’ has changed over time (see etymonline) from its origins in Proto-Indo European that suggest a root meaning ‘to bend’. In Welsh, the noun meaning ‘change’ is newid and the adjectiveContinue reading “Change (n., vb.)”

Evidence-Informed Practice

Last autumn, I undertook a course from the Chartered College of Teachers that led to my being awarded a Certificate in Evidence-Informed Practice. Like the courses I’ve taken with International House (Observation and Giving Feedback and Performance Management), this one was largely asynchronous which, naturally, fits with the schedule of a teacher working full-time. ItContinue reading “Evidence-Informed Practice”