Phrasally Verbocious

Between 2018 and 2020, my colleague Alan Hall and I released 30 episodes of a podcast called ‘Phrasally Verbocious’.

It was great fun to make and we reflected on a number of important issues and themes in ELT including inclusivity and diversity, technology in the classroom, and use of L1 in the classroom which is what got it all started. We had the privilege of interviewing some interesting guests too like Marek Kiczkowiak (from TEFL Equity Advocates), Ilá Coimbra and James Taylor (RaiseUp for ELT) and a special “wee chat”with Arthur McKeown (IATEFL’s ESOL SIG Champion 2020). The pod was recommended by Pearson on a list of Seven Podcasts English Teachers should listen to.

Alan and I are both working on other projects at the moment, so the podcast is “off-air”, but our back catalogue is available on YouTube and you access the track listing here via Alan’s web page

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